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4 Bad Behavior Signs Men Are Not Good, Don't Be Desperate To Be A Partner

Posted: Sun Aug 07, 2022 8:20 am
by Zahid Hasan
Every woman would want to be able to marry a man who sincerely loves and can treat him like a queen. That is why in choosing a partner you need to be careful. The wrong choice can bring bad dreams in your life. If a man has shown various bad behaviors , you should not be desperate to make him a partner. Reporting from the Inspiring Tips page, there are some bad behaviors that can indicate that the guy you like is a bad guy. What does bad behavior look like? Continue to follow the following discussion. 1. Instead of supporting, laughing at your dreams When someone really cares and loves you, of course they will be supportive. The simplest thing is, when you share stories about dreams, it will give you encouragement so that you are confident to achieve them. Therefore, if the man you like is hurting. For example, instead of being supportive, they laugh at them as if they are underestimating and that is considered too grandiose, a sign that he is not a good man who deserves to be a partner.

2. Always reject your suggestions or opinions Everyone is free to have an opinion and make their own decisions. You understand that, right? However, if almost all of your suggestions or Industry Email List opinions are always rejected outright, and it turns out later on that your opinion is proven to be true, it's a sign that he underestimates you. Pairing with a man who always takes things for granted can make you constantly annoyed during the relationship. No respect is given to you as a partner. Sure, do you still intend to continue a relationship with this type of man? 3. Often interrupts the conversation Does he often interrupt.


whether you are talking alone or when you are with other people? If so, that has already indicated that he is not a good man, you know. Such behavior is not polite, especially if it is done by a crush who says he likes you. The name is outrageous. 4. Often compared to other women Does he often compare you to other women? Starting from appearance to character issues. If so, don't be desperate to make him a partner even though you're interested, okay? Later you will regret it, because this type of man will try to turn you into someone else. He can't accept you as you are. If the bad behavior was done by a man you like, it's better to stay away. Desperate to partner with him can lead to a relationship that only makes you suffer. This article is a submission from a Yoursay member. The contents and photos of this article are entirely the responsibility of the sender.