How should it be pronounced accurately?

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How should it be pronounced accurately?

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When participating in "Kèo tài xỉu" (Over/Under bet), you may encounter various different odds. Among them, the odds 3-3.5 are extremely common in current matches. So what does "Kèo tài xỉu 3-3.5" mean? And how should you pronounce this Over/Under odds? In this article, win tips will provide you with the most accurate answers.
What is "Kèo tài xỉu 3-3.5"?
The odds "Kèo tài xỉu" with the odds 3-3.5 is commonly referred to as 3 ¼. This is a quite popular odds in football matches nowadays. As you can see, this Over/Under odds is relatively high, so it often appears in matches where many goals are predicted by bookmakers.
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When participating in betting with this odds, you should read it as follows:
If the match has more than 3 goals 🡺 Bet Over wins, Bet Under loses
If the match has fewer than 3 goals 🡺 Bet Over loses, Bet Under wins
If the match has exactly 3 goals 🡺 Bet Over loses half of the stake, Bet Under wins half of the stake.
How to pronounce "Kèo tài xỉu 3-3.5" accurately?
To provide you with a more detailed way of pronouncing this Over/Under odds, let's take a specific example as follows:
In the football betting table between AS Roma and Spezia shown above, you can see that the Over/Under odds is 3-3.5 balls. You should pronounce it as follows:
  • "Kèo tài xỉu 3-3.5" (in Vietnamese)
What are the experiences when playing with the odds "Kèo tài xỉu 3-3.5"?
To increase your winning rate when participating in Over/Under betting with the odds 3 ¼, you should apply the following valuable experiences. These are all insights for analyzing Over/Under odds from soccer tips win tips experts today.
Pre-match analysis:
To determine whether there will be Over or Under in a match, first, you need to analyze all the pre-match information. Specifically, those pieces of information include:
  • Starting lineups

    Tactics used in the match

    Recent form

    Head-to-head history

    Nature of the match, etc.
Matches to choose Over:
For the odds 3-3.5, you should choose Over in the following matches:
  • Both teams play in an attacking style

    Both teams are in good form

    The head-to-head history between the two teams often has many goals

    The match does not have significant importance

    Both teams have a good attacking line and a weak defense
Matches to choose Under:
When encountering this odds, you should choose Under in the following matches:
  • Both teams are not in good form, especially in the attacking aspect

    In the past, the two teams often had few goals when facing each other

    Both teams choose a defensive strategy

    The match has significant importance, such as a semifinal or final in a major tournament.
Through this article, we have provided you with the English translation of "Kèo tài xỉu 3-3.5" and the most accurate way to pronounce this odds. In addition, you can also refer to valuable experiences for playing with the odds 3 ¼. These insights will greatly assist you when betting on this type of odds in any match.
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